Organic fertilizers «Parostok», produced by «Uniflor Poland»Ltd

It’s being a long time since modern society in its activity came across the actual problem of environmental pollution and consequences of irrational utilization of natural resources. It concerns agricultural activity as well.

Development of chemical production in the second half of the 20th century led to the wide utilization of mineral fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture. At that time mineral fertilizers promoted growth in yielding capacity of agricultures, that resulted in their wide utilization.

But in due course negative influence of mineral fertilizers and pesticides became apparent – soil erosion, reduction of soil fertility, qualitative and quantitative indices of agricultural production, reduction of natural plants’ immunity –all this is a result of constant utilization of mineral fertilizers and pesticides.

Organic or mineral fertilizers?

Traditional agriculture (uses mineral fertilizers) yields to organic (uses organic fertilizers)in many indices. Mineral fertilizers, despite of great amount of useful for the plants nourishing elements, – are artificially synthesized  products, and accordingly – they are not natural and living. Continuous application of mineral fertilizers negatively influences not only quality and quantity of the crop, but environment, including soil and natural microorganisms, that nourish flora and animal kingdom.

UNO and international agricultural organizations more and more often raise the question of transition to organic agriculture with utilization of organic fertilizers, as important stage of environment and natural processes’ restoration. Organic fertilizers forms the integral part of  organic agriculture,  the only really safe kind of agricultural activity for people and environment.

Organic fertilizers, produced by company «Uniflor Poland» Ltd, not only promote growth and development of all kinds of agricultural and decorative plants, growth of yielding capacity and  presence of useful nourishing elements in production, but greatly contribute to restoration of biocoenosis.

Company «Uniflor Poland» Ltd guarantees high quality of organic fertilizer «Parostok».